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Juggernaut App- A Reading Solution for Indian Readers

Hi lovely book lovers! Hope you are having a wonderful time in the fictional world that you are currently in. Sorry for being AWOL for such a long time. But here I am, back with a news for all the readers.

Are you one of those people who cannot carry books with them everywhere they go? Or don’t even prefer carrying a Kindle? Too tedious may be? Well, we carry our phones everywhere. And when a simple app on the phone can do the required work, why carry anything else?

Juggernaut is an extremely useful app for readers when it comes to buying as well as reading books, all in one place. You have access to over a thousand books on the go. Also, one of the features of this app that I absolutely loved was that you can adjust the color of the pages of the book to your liking. (I like my pages yellowish so I went for that!).

Some other features of this app are:

  • You can download your books for offline reading!
  • You can rate and review the books directly on the app. Also, if you have any questions for the author, you can ask them directly through the app.
  • One of the unique features of this app is that you can gift a book to someone through the app like you do with physical books with just a click.
  • The app constantly comes out with bundles of books and short stories at great rates.
  • The app is available both at Play Store and Apple Store.

If you are not an Indian, worry not. Juggernaut is soon coming out with its Web Version for International audiences.

Also, the books on the app are available as physical copies as well on Amazon , Flipkart as well as in many bookstores.

Another thing to look forward is the fact that if you are an aspiring writer, you will soon be able to publish directly from the app (or web version).

I really hope that you all give Juggernaut App a try. If you did, please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!


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