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Book Review: Flicker by Melanie Hooyenga


Biz is a perfectly normal teenager except for one minor detail: she uses sunlight to jump back to yesterday. She takes advantage of flickering by retaking Trig tests, fixing fights with her boyfriend (or reliving the making up), and repeating pretty much anything that could be done better. Trouble is, flickering makes her head explode from the inside. Or feel like it anyway.

No one knows about her freakish ability and she’s content to keep it that way. Guys don’t stick around because she refuses to let them in, but all that changes when Cameron, her best friend, starts looking oh-so-yummy. Suddenly she’s noticing his biceps, his smile, and the cute way his eyes crinkle when he—gah! This is her friend!

But the butterflies come to a screeching halt when little girls start disappearing, then take a nosedive when the police link the kidnappings to Cameron’s sister, who vanished years earlier. As the police grasp for clues, Biz photographs a strange man lurking in the shadows and realizes that her flickering can help more than just herself.


OH MY GOD! Lets ignore everything and just say that I LOVED this book. A constant page turner that is going to make your head spin. I want to read the other two books in the series RIGHT NOW! This reminded me, that this book is the part of a series called The Flicker Effect. And you should go and buy and read this book at this moment. I have read the concept of time travel in a book for the very first time (I haven’t read any time travel books, sigh.), and I couldn’t be more glad that this is the book I chose to read.

Lets get on with the detailed review.

Cover: If I am not wrong, I find a lot of resemblance between the covers of this book and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. Because I love that cover, I love this one too! 😛 After reading the book, I understood the reference of the cover. And it does play a major role!

Storyline: Could it have been better? No! Absolutely not. Although if you read the synopsis, it tells you practically everything there is to this book. Yet there is so much in this book to explore. I loved the vivid descriptions in this book. I am not a professional photographer but I understood everything that was mentioned about it. That’s how simple yet engaging this book is! The plot is perfect, moves forward at a perfect rate. It never gives away anything. You think that the book is predictable but it turns out quite the opposite! Also, the climax is *sigh* unimaginable! Long story short- you have to read this book!

Characters: Five main characters are highlighted in this book. Biz, the protagonist, Biz’s parents, Amelia (Biz’s Best Friend) and Cameron (Biz’s boyfriend). The character development was great. Their lives and decisions were very relatable. The things I loved the most about the characters are:

  • Biz’s decisions. Having a superpower to go back in time does not come easy. Especially when you have to face the painful consequences for doing so. Still every time, Biz chose other people over herself. I absolutely loved this quality of hers. ♥
  • Amelia’s friendship. Oh how badly I wish to have a friend like her.
  • The strength of Biz’s father. And here I am mentioning his inner strength. He definitely is the role model of their family if nothing less.
  • Cameron’s attitude. Although I did not go well with some of his decisions, but maybe I would have done the same if I were in his shoes.

Rating: After this very long rant, how can I not give it 5 star rating!

A sense of déjà vu slams me over the head. I’ve had this argument. Next Mom is gonna grab the stack of mail that Dad left on the counter and toss it in the basket.

She does.


The words tumble out of me. “Mom…” The déjà vu doesn’t lift. This isn’t a memory. I’m not in the car anymore.

I’ve gone back to yesterday.

Want to give it a try?

Buy from Amazon IN: Flicker (The Flicker Effect Book 1)

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*Hosts were provided with a copy of the book for review purposes in exchange for their honest re-views and opinions.*


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