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Book Review: 7 To The Other Side by Roma Dutia


What if you had 7 minutes to relive your life? What would you like to see? 23 year old Joshua White wakes up in a hospital bed, unaware of how he got there in the first place. All of a sudden, he sees events from his life being played out right from the time he first attended school with his best friend, George to the birth of his younger brother, Ethan, who looked up to him. He goes through the trauma of losing a dear one and the ecstasy of personal success. He is reminded of a trip to India that changes his life, and the presence of Ayesha- a girl he is romantically linked with. But does he get to pursue his ambition? Is Ayesha really the girl he yearns for? Does his friendship with George stand the test of time? Through these visions Joshua realizes what he meant to others and how they in turn changed his life. But can he change thing or has fate already sealed his destiny? To know more, read the engrossing book, 7 TO THE OTHER SIDE!


This book was a pretty short read (117 pages to be exact!). So eventually, I’ll keep this review short.

Cover: The cover of the book did not work for me. I mean, I get the meaning behind the picture, like how the road represents the seven minutes period from this life to afterlife, but the portrayal could have been much better.

Storyline: The epilogue of the book is extremely intriguing, no second thoughts about it. We never give much importance to little things in life including the moments that make or break us. What if God suddenly puts a full stop in our story? Ever thought about it? Well, something like this happens with Joshua. He was living a normal life with its own perks and dark moments when suddenly it was taken away from him. And this book is about the last visuals he lives before going to the other side.

There were certain things that I appreciated in the book, which are:

  • Short and to the point. Exaggeration would have ruined the book.
  • Relatable. The life of Joshua and his friends were not imaginary or something that could not have happened in the lives of a common man.

But there were many things that did not get along well with me.

  • Grammatical and spelling mistakes. I believe that a little more focus should have been given to editing the book before its publication.
  • Some scenes were boring and were hindering the flow of the book. Like why would a person remember his exam scenes before dying.
  • I could not figure out whether the book was written in first person or third person. It should have been written in the former because it’s Joshua’s story afterall.
  • Apart from the fact that the whole book was Joshua’s last visuals before dying, if you remove the ‘death’ part entirely from the book, there is nothing out-of-the-box.

Characters: Joshua is the protagonist in the book. George and Laurel are his two best friends. Ayesha is his love, but the two never took their love forward. I like the character development in the book. After completing the book, I felt that I knew all the characters in the book pretty well. That’s what matters, right? Although it leaves me wondering, why did anything never happen between Laurel and George?

Rating: This book was a 3 star read for me. Appreciation and wishes to the author for her future books.

P.S. The author sent me a physical copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

P.P.S. Thank you Roma for signing the book for me, I love it!

Interested in reading the book?

Buy from Amazon IN: 7 TO THE OTHER SIDE


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