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International Authors’ Day

First of all, I would like to that Debdatta from for organising this International Author’s Day Blog Hop where we bloggers get to share our love for books and our respect for authors.

To put in my contribution, I am going to tell you all about my favourite author, Sidney Sheldon.

Sidney Sheldon is a magician who weaves a thriller story in such a way that you cannot put down his book. Even if you put all your energy in doing so. Have you ever felt the pang of a sudden breeze that struck your face all of a sudden and you were stunned for a moment? That’s how I felt when I read his book for the first time. Mesmerized. Truly. And what more? I could not get over it for months. It is pretty obvious that your expectations from other authors will increase ten folds when you grow up reading authors like him.

So that explains my true love for Mystery/Crime/Thriller genre and my addiction to his books. Maybe someday when I grow old and have enough money, I will buy all his books in hardbacks and save those words forever to be savoured by my future generations? What say? 😀

Also, I have a little giveaway for you. Click on the link below and follow the steps!

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Who is your favourite author? Let me know in the comments down below!