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Book Review: The Postbox Murders by Edmund Glasby

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Richard Montrose is an eccentric loner and clock-maker, fascinated by violent crime.
When a series of gruesome murders occur in the sleepy Oxfordshire village of Long Gallop, Montrose can’t stop himself from investigating.
Soon the whole village is discussing the ‘Postbox Killer’, a madman who deposited the mutilated remains of his victims in postboxes throughout the region.
But Montrose discovers that his own background closely resembles the usual profile of a serial killer, and to Chief Inspector James Holbrooke, he seems an increasingly suspicious figure …
Holbrooke and the police are utterly baffled by the terrifying activities of the Postbox Killer and ramp up their investigations to find the brutal murderer on the loose.


This book was provided to me by Endeavour Press via Netgalley in exchange of my honest review of the book.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Cover: Goes with the title? Yes absolutely! Looks great? Not so much. Sometimes I wonder why much of a thought is not given in developing the book covers. Don’t they know that half of the book nerds like me will buy a book just for its cover! :p

Anyhow, the cover just goes with the title and consists of a picture of a postbox. Voila! That’s it.

Storyline: What can you refer by reading the title? Murders related to postbox? Damn right that is! The plot sets in the village Long Gallop of Oxfordshire, England where a murderer is on the loose who is killing people, dismembering the bodies and stuffing them into postboxes. Next, comes into play DCI James Holbrook, who is nearing his retirement and is on the interrogation team for the murder. But this book isn’t a classic Police-Killer story. It has a Sherlock of its own. Richard Montrose, a clock-maker by day and a creepy detective by night. Murders intrigue him and apparently, he competes with the police to figure out the case before anyone else does.

The story is fast paced, it has to be. The mystery piles up when no clue is left behind by the murderer but the twist and the ending are worth looking forward to. Although sometimes I felt that the story is being dragged by the author, in the beginning. This book has the storyline that could have made it a masterpiece if the portrayal was given more thought.

Characters: This part disappointed me the most. Honestly speaking, I didn’t get to know the characters in the book except Richard Montrose. His was the only character who was given the privilege to be known by the readers. Rest of the characters were like, unknown (best word I could find to describe them). No description, no in depth development of the characters, no nothing. I think by now you can guess what I mean. It’s not that those characters aren’t important in the story. It’s just that they were given much importance to. So all in all, I was a dissatisfied reader because no character description means not knowing the characters which in turns lead to little or no connection to the story!

Rating: I would give this novella a sad 2.5 stars. After reading this book, I realised how much better it could have been. I would recommend this book only to those who would still like to give this book a try.

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