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Book Review: The Superhero Soul by Dilip Bathija

I received a physical copy of this book by the courtesy of the team of The Superhero Soul in exchange for my honest take on the book.

What is the book all about?

For me, The Superhero Soul is a motivational journey that led me on a path to sort out the the jumbled thoughts in my mind. This books doesn’t offer anything you don’t know, as said by the author himself. And its every bit true as it will put forward every wee bit of lesson that you have learnt in your life so far. This book will make it easier for you to accept yourself as you are, only to move forward in the right direction.

Does it accomplish what it sets out to accomplish?

The answer of this question depends on the reader, i.e. YOU. Are you ready to accept the superhero in you? Are you ready to push all negativity aside and do whatever it takes to be the hero you wish to be? Are you ready to get a little motivated? If yes, then allow this book to be that knight in the shining armour that will take away all your self-doubts and will encourage you to let go of the past to make your future bright.

Tone of the Book

The tone used by the author is purely motivational. Every topic that he talked about is backed up with an inspirational quote from some great personality. The language is simple. This will definitely help the author to reach out to everyone who might or might not be an avid reader. Also, you will find numerous daily life examples that you can relate to while reading this book. The text is unfussy that will help you float through the book if you find it fascinating.

What makes the author uniquely qualified to write on this topic?

The author, Dilip Bathija is a motivational speaker, visionary entrepreneur, a human artist and a humanitarian. His programs are conducted across 40+ cities each year.

Considering his profile, I believe that this is probably the best topic he could write about effortlessly based on his experience. In fact, the concise manner in which the book was written depicted the same.

 Overall Impression

Following are the points that I appreciate about the book:

  • Concise matter
  • To the point talk
  • The amazingly beautiful artwork at the beginning of every chapter
  • Very relatable

On the other hand, following are the points that I feel, could have been improved:

  • I always wish to learn something new from everything I read. But there wasn’t anything new in this book. The author mentions that too in the very beginning. It is not bad but a person like me would want something unique with every book I can relate to. So, a little extra something would have added a cherry on the cake for this book.
  • Also, the author cites a few real life examples in this book (of the people he know). I would definitely want more of that. Because there were times when I wanted to read more of a topic but the topic ended too soon. More real life examples (which the author would definitely have a lot, being a motivational speaker) would have been great!


I would give the content, 3 stars and 1 extra star for the amazing art work at the beginning of each chapter.

A love seed a day keeps blessings coming all the way.

Feeling like giving this book a try?

Buy from Flipkart:The Superhero Soul : Quest for Inspiration, Happiness, Success and Greatness (English)

Buy from Amazon IN: The Superhero Soul: Quest for Inspiration, Happiness, Success and Greatness

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