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Book Review: Bonds by Marie Anne Cope

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Half the village of Breccan lies dead – slaughtered. All that stands between Antony Cardover and his freedom is his wife, Isabella, or so he believes.

In his wrath at his wife’s adultery, Antony trades his soul for the chance of vengeance. His price? An eternity as a monster – a man bearing a vampire curse. To stop him, the curse must be broken. To break the curse, Isabella and all her descendants must be destroyed. The catch? Only Antony can break the curse.

With Breccan in mourning and Antony on the rampage, only one person can help. Anna Martindale, a witch shunned by the villagers, entombs Antony within a stone sarcophagus, bound by spells and buried in hallowed ground for the rest of time.

Breccan breathes again. Time heals.

That was four hundred years ago.

Seventeenth century spells, however, are no match for twenty first century living. As Ramply Homes moves in, the secret of St Martin’s churchyard prepares to move out.

As the church is desecrated, the spells that hold Antony break. Soon, Becca Martin, a descendant of Isabella, is plagued by dreams of a time and a man she cannot possibly have known.

As her nightmares become real, Becca has no choice but to contact the one person who will be able to help; someone she has not spoken to in a decade – her mother.

Here, Becca discovers the truth about her ancestry and is forced to face up to whom and what she is. Only a wooden box and her gift hold the key to her survival.

Four hundred years ago Antony failed. He will not fail again.


My Thoughts on the Book

I received this book from Netgalley. Although the kindle version of this book was published way back in 2013, I simply have no idea as to why I haven’t seen anyone talking about this book. And as far as I know, hardly anyone has read it. Well, here is what I think about it.


This is the most apt cover that can be used on a paranormal book. It gives you that creepy feeling beforehand and it automatically clicks in your mind, what the plot of the book might be. And the fonts bring out the witch-y essence of the book. To be precise, I loved it. (Also because it’s black! ♥)


The plot undoubtedly forbids you to keep the book down, because if you blink, you miss it! 😉 The story is definitely unique, intriguing but predictable at times.

It follows a 400-year old curse on a man named Antony Cardover which is revealed when a church is being moved and his sarcophagus is removed from the hallowed church ground.

All hell breaks loose when the spirit of Antony Cardover starts haunting Rebecca Martin leading to her discovering the 400 year old truth.  Although mentally and physically traumatized, she finds herself in a situation where no one else but she has to fight the mess that is eventually created.

Will she survive? What will happen? Read the book and find out yourself! 🙂


The characters are well described with their own flaws and strengths. I really liked the way the whole story unfolded, not in a sequential way but through the viewpoints of each of the characters. Even if you find a character that does not have an important role to play, it turns out to be different towards the end.

Rebecca Martin, a supposed ‘witch’, who fights her way to survival even without the support of her family.

Anna Martindale, who was punished even after all the good she did.

Isabella Cardover, the sole reason behind the 400 years old curse.

Antony Cardover, driven by vengeance, destroys his life. An innocent soul punished for the deeds of his wife.

Inspector Jakes, despite having nothing to gain from the happenings, helps Rebecca, maybe as a redemption of his past.

This is story will dwell you in a whole new Vampire-Witch world. Also, the cliffhanger is so creepy it sent chills down my spine!



I am giving this book 3.5 stars out of 5. The next book in the series is out already and I am definitely going to give it a try! 🙂

By my Goddess and by my God

I call upon the power of the four elements

Of earth, of air, of fire, of water

I call upon you to aid me and to protect me.

Feeling like giving this book a try? Click on the link below and get your copy!

Amazon India: Bonds



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